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Cookie Dough Granola Butter by Oat Haus

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Pack: 1 Jar

Fulfilled by our friends at Oat Haus

Tastes like: Toll House Cookie Dough


All Oats No Brakes

Remember coming home from school and diving in face-first to a tub of cookie dough? Relive all the blissful memories of eating cookie dough right off the spoon — and just like when you were a kid, pants are still optional 😏


  1. Gluten-free Oats°
  2. Maple Syrup°
  3. Olive Oil°
  4. Coconut Oil°*
  5. Vanilla Extract°, Rosemary Extract°
  6. Salt, Natural Cookie Dough Type Flavor**

°Organic, *Made with allergen-free coconut oil

**Natural Flavor is Organic Compliant, Vegan, & Top 8 Allergen-Free. Used at less than 0.25g/jar

^See ingredient panel for full list of ingredients


Of Course

A spoon

Cookie Dough for breakfast

Stuffed date

Dessert, anyone?


Sweet n salty

Vanilla Ice Cream

Careful, you're drooling

Flaky salt

Chef's kiss

Pack: 1 Jar

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