Cosmic Dream Honey

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Fall in love with the sweetness of life by adding Cosmic Dream Honey to all your favorite elixirs and dishes. Cosmic Dream Honey combines potent, powerful superfoods like green spirulina, mood-balancing maca and mesquite with grounding adaptogens and beautifying collagen with no added sugar.

Honey is used to combat colds, allergies and stomach bugs. Our super-charged honey also has amazing cleansing and hydrating properties. It’s a low glycemic sweetener whenever you’re in need of a little boost.

This healing, collagen-boosted green honey was created to enhance the spirit of your energy while supporting your intuition, beauty, energy, and mood. This blend is formulated and created to reactivate the beauty, balance, and bliss in your life.


Cosmic Dream Honey ingredients

  • Raw Honey (unfiltered!)

  • Organic Chia Seeds

  • Organic Coconut milk powder

  • Organic Hemp Powder

  • He Shou Wu

  • Organic Maca

  • Marine Collagen

  • Mucuna

  • Organic Spirulina

  • Organic Tocos

  • Organic Vanilla

Get Creative With Your Cosmic Dream Honey! ♥
  • Add a spoonful to your morning coffee, evening latte or tea as a sweetener
  • Drizzle on apples + almond butter
  • Make cosmic dates with nut butter and honey and freeze
  • Drizzle it over fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, or toast
  • Add to any batter for a sweetener substitute in pancakes, waffles or any baked goods, or other treats
  • Use as a soothing, beautifying face mask
  • Combine it with citrus juice and oil or vinegar to make a salad dressing.
  • Enjoy right off the spoon!

Cosmic Dream Honey Allergen Info
  • free of soy
  • free of dairy
  • free of gluten
  • free of all additives + fillers
  • stevia free
  • manufactured in a facility that processes dairy, wheat, tree nuts, soy, eggs, and peanuts