Daily Performance Greens - Tropical Pineapple

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Get ready to gain on-the-go with Gainful Daily Performance Greens.

These are the greens you've been looking for. There are a lot of greens on the market, but Gainful Daily Performance Greens are in a league of their own for a few key reasons:

1) These are truly the best tasting Greens on the market. A unique flavor that is equally fresh, sweet, tart and creamy, our Tropical Pineapple Greens are so delicious you will look forward to kicking your day off with greens each morning.

2) We only use clinically-studied doses of powerful, proven-effective ingredients. No artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors. This non-GMO product offers full label transparency and we don't hide behind mysterious "proprietary blends" that make it hard to know how much of each ingredient you're getting.

3) Nurtures your overall health and immunity with phytonutrients from whole food ingredients, with 2X the amount of greens ingredients from whole vegetables compared to leading brands.

4) Feeds the good bacteria in your gut and supports overall gut health with dietary fiber derived from the Jerusalem Artichoke and Cassava Root.

5) Contains a clinically-studied dose of powerful adaptogens that support and enhance cognitive function for mental strength and smart movement

6) These individually-packed sachets make it easy to stay healthy during your busy day, taking foundational health and daily nutrition with you wherever you go!

DID YOU KNOW? Intense exercise dampens our immune system temporarily!!!! Heavy exercisers especially need immune support, which is why we include ingredients like chlorella, which has been shown to improve immune function to protect us against infections.

HEALTHY GUT, HAPPY BODY: Fiber is a prerequisite for having a healthy gut, and a huge portion of our immune system relies on healthy gut tissue. Dietary fiber is converted into Short Chain Fatty Acids which also help boost the function of our immune system to fight infections. Gainful Performance Greens contain ginger powder, inulin from jerusalem artichokes and dietary fiber from cassava root to keep you healthy, regular and help with nutrient absorption.

FEED YOUR MIND, FUEL YOUR BODY: Our Daily Performance Greens contain a hard-working adaptogens blend that features Lions Mane, Grape Seed Extract, L-Theanine and Ginseng, which work together to support alertness and focus, enhanced cognitive function and smart movement.

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