Oars + Alps

Aluminum-Free Deodorant - Bergamot Grove

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Our incredibly effective odor-preventing formula goes way beyond being aluminum-free. Named by Men's Health as Editor's Choice, it goes on clear and non-sticky, dries quickly and won't leave pit stains on your light shirts. It's a game changer. 

Size: 2.6 oz.

Bergamot Grove Scent: Our Bergamot deodorant is inspired by the Italian countryside. This scent perfectly blends the warmth and earthiness of oak with the crisp citrus of grove-fresh bergamot. Subtle notes of black pepper and spice give it a rich, sophisticated finish.

Apply evenly to clean and dry underarms.

Switching from an antiperspirant to Oars + Alps? Congrats on taking the Pit Plunge. Here's what you can expect:

  1. 1st Week: No odor.
  2. 2nd Week: Odor detox starts with your body producing an odor. Your pits are purging the aluminum from your sweat glands. Don't stop using!
  3. 3rd Week: You'll sweat more, but smell less. As your pits purge aluminum, your body sweats more.
  4. 4th Week: Odor decreases. Congrats on detoxing those pits.
  5. 5th Week: Your pits are in paradise.

Buy More, Save More: 1 Pack - $14