Oars + Alps

Aluminum-Free Deodorant - Unscented with Prebiotics

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Our powerful unscented deodorant uses prebiotics to prevent body odor. This unique formula works with your skin's microbiome to promote healthy bacteria and prevent the bacteria that causes body odor. It's fragrance-free, making it ideal for those with a known sensitivity to fragrance or who simply don't want a fragrance for their underarms. Size: 2.6 oz.

Unscented: Fragrance-free deodorant

Apply evenly to clean and dry underarms.

Switching from an antiperspirant to Oars + Alps? Congrats on taking the Pit Plunge. Here's what you can expect:

  1. 1st Week: No odor.
  2. 2nd Week: Odor detox starts with your body producing an odor. Your pits are purging aluminum from your sweat glands. Don't stop using!
  3. 3rd Week: You'll sweat more, but smell less. As your pits purge aluminum, your body sweats more.
  4. 4th Week: Odor decreases. Congrats on detoxing those pits.
  5. 5th Week: Your pits are in paradise.

Buy More, Save More: 1 Pack - $14