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Anti-Everything Body Powder

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Chafing, rubbing, sticking and sweating in certain places are not your friend when you’re exercising. Insert: the Anti-Everything Body Powder. 

This body powder for men absorbs sweat to create dry, frictionless skin. Apply the targeted stream anywhere you typically experience chafing or rubbing. Think hands for weight-lifting, chest for long-distance running, feet inside your sneakers, in your shorts for cycling… you get the idea.

Made with Cornstarch and Arrowroot Powder to keep skin dry, Aloe Leaf Extract to reduce friction and soothe, and Peppermint Oil to keep skin cool and fresh.

Size: 1 fl. oz.


Before or during exercise, apply this men’s body powder spray sparingly on the areas of your body below the neckline where you want to prevent moisture or chafing. 

Can spray into hands and rub on skin or on to the body directly.

This anti-chafe powder is for external use only. 

Buy More, Save More: 1 Pack - $14