Core Premium Bundle

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A new approach to meditation. One that works

After 4 years of research and development, we created a smart device and app with meditation and breath training content that helps you find your zen. And stick with it.

Full immersion

Put in your headphones, pick up the device, close your eyes and listen and feel the gentle ocean waves ebb through vibrations in your hands while synced to audio soundscapes. And it doesn’t just feel great, it keeps you focused in the present moment.

Get grounded

Stop all of the thinking... thinking... thinking... The tactile feel of vibrations will get you into your physical senses and out of your head.

Learn breathing techniques

Vibrations are also used to guide you on when to inhale and exhale by ramping up and down. No need to stare at a screen, your ques will come straight from the device.

Feel relaxed

Let’s be honest... vibrations also just feel really good. Tune in, zone out, and let your mind focus while the vibrations keep you calm.


Try it yourself

Experience the Core Premium Bundle: an ultra-light 0.6 lbs device with up to 2 weeks of battery life. Featuring 2-electrode electrocardiogram biosensors and TSA approved for carry-on. Connects via Bluetooth® to the Core App, available on iOS and Android. Includes Meditation Trainer, Premium app subscription, charging dock, and USB charging cable. Available in the US, international coming soon.


Color: White