JIGGY Puzzles

Cozy Christmas, Livia Falcaru

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Artist: Livia Falcaru

Livia Falcaru is an illustrator and visual artist currently living and working in Bucharest. The Romanian illustrator often finds herself fascinated by the daily life and the emotions we might all feel but never care to mention. Her style is immersed in bright, cheerful colors and defined by bold lines. Livia describes her work process as being very spontaneous, just like her visual style which she believes is constantly changing and adapting to her growing process as an artist and human being.

Size: 800 pieces

Puzzle dimensions: 24 x 18 inches
Box dimensions: 5.6 x 5.6 x 11.6 inches

Each JIGGY puzzle comes in a reusable glass jar and includes a tube of puzzle glue, a straight-edge tool to spread the glue and a print of the art to follow.

A percentage of every sale goes directly to the
female artist behind this design.

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