Fresh Kit

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Our Fresh Kit is the perfect foundation to elevate your daily routine. These staples keep your skin clean, hydrated and smelling great all day long.

Aluminum-Free Deodorant in Fresh Ocean Splash Scent: Our incredibly effective odor-preventing formula goes way beyond being aluminum-free. Named by Men's Health as Editor's Choice, it goes on clear and non-sticky, dries quickly and won't leave pit stains on your light shirts. It's a game changer. Our Fresh Ocean Splash scent is crisp and fresh. 

Luxury Body Wash: Our Luxury Body Wash is crafted with premium ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Antioxidants and Vitamin E to provide long-lasting hydration throughout the day and night. We leave out ingredients that strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it balanced and clean. Our Body Wash has a rich, luxurious, sulfate-free lather and comes in our refreshing, light citrus California Coast scent.

Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Apply to clean, dry armpits.

Luxury Body Wash

Apply a quarter-size amount of product to hand or Body Scrubber.

Apply to wet skin and rinse completely.

Singing while applying is optional but you’ll probably like it so much you will.