JIGGY Puzzles

JIGGY Junior, City Twinkles by Serineh Eliasian

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Artist: Serineh Eliasian

I've got my MA in Graphic Design from Art University of Tehran. After graduation, I realized that I need more creativity in my life! So, I started doing what I love and did some illustrations for small businesses! Then one day, out of nowhere, I was offered my first children’s book illustration project from a self-published author! That was a dream come true!!!​

I am also interested in surface pattern design and I find it very pleasing and relaxing at the same time! I'm hoping to create more and more surface designs and one day license my artworks. I have a private corner in our home in my beloved city Yerevan, where my imaginary world becomes true!

Size: 100 pieces

Puzzle dimensions: 16 x 20 inches
Box dimensions: 5 x 5 x 8 inches

Each JIGGY Junior puzzle comes in a reusable cardboard tube and includes adhesive sheets to preserve your masterpiece. 

A percentage of every sale goes directly to the
female artist behind this design.

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