Peppermint Charcoal Bar Soap

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Refresh and energize dull skin with our exfoliating Peppermint soap bar.

Activated Charcoal, Spirulina, and Volcanic Sand work in tandem to purge your skin of dead skin cells, sweat, and bacteria and reduce excess oil, keeping breakouts at bay. In addition to its invigorating scent, Peppermint Oil helps stimulate circulation and relieve sore muscles -- perfect after a tough workout.

Size: 6 oz.


Use our Peppermint soap bar every other day.

  1. Wet soap.
  2. Massage the charcoal soap bar into wet skin to remove dead skin cells.
  3. Wash off with water.
  4. Avoid face, sensitive areas, and open cuts.
Buy More, Save More: 1 Pack - $11