SUPERCHARGE Copper Body Brush

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Wake up the body. Exfoliate the skin.





Start your day with a SUPERCHARGE. Our Copper Body Brush takes dry-brushing to new heights with ion-charged bristles that wake up the body, exfoliate the skin, and promote relaxation. We recommend prepping for every sauna or PEMF session with a SUPERCHARGE. Incorporating dry brushing as part of your daily detox routine will invigorate the skin and ignite a natural glow. Lock in the benefits of this luxurious ritual with one of our HigherDose Body Oils.

Why Copper bristles? The benefits of Copper go beyond energizing exfoliation. Ion-charged bristles create friction with the body, releasing neutralizing ions that are easily absorbed through the skin. This powerful reset grounds you in your natural energy state and promotes relaxation.


  • Brush Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 4 cm
  • Material Composition:
    • Beechwood board
    • 2 rows of humane horsehair bristles
    • 4.5 rows of copper wire bristles
    • Real leather strap
    • Iron grommets
  • COPPER BRISTLES: Ion-charged bristles elevate this Body Brush beyond exfoliating. Copper creates friction with the body, releasing neutralizing ions that reduce acidity levels in the body and balance your energy state.
  • NATURAL HORSEHAIR: Natural horsehair bristles (responsibly and humanely sourced) add a luxuriously soft touch to an intensely exfoliating experience. Stimulate the skin, without irritation or discomfort.


How do I use my SUPERCHARGE Copper Body Brush?

When using this product, you must keep both your body and the SUPERCHARGE brush dry at all times. Start by brushing your limbs, moving from the bottom of the body (feet) towards the top (chest), taking care to brush in the direction of the heart. Focus on areas of the body that have more fat or target dead skin cells. Follow the direction of blood flow and lymph flow to enhance invigoration.

It is recommended to use the brush for 3-5 minutes. Follow your brushing session with a shower or bath to extend exfoliation benefits and rinse off impurities. After you have rinsed off, we recommend applying one of HigherDOSE’s nourishing Body Oils to moisturize and replenish the skin.


When do I use my SUPERCHARGE Copper Body Brush?

We recommend using your brush first thing in the morning, or before a sauna session, PEMF session, shower, or detox bath.


What care instructions should I keep in mind while brushing?  

Do not dry brush on sensitive skin (avoid eczema, psoriasis, or other skin issues). Do not use this brush on fragile skin (i.e. face, neck, and chest). Avoid wounds or damaged skin.


How do I clean and maintain my SUPERCHARGE Copper Body Brush?  

Do not place the brush in water and do not wipe the surface of the brush with alcohol. It is made of natural materials that corrode easily when misused. Store in a cool and ventilated place, avoiding overexposure to sunshine. After using the brush, gently pat the bristles to shake off the waste.


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