Matt Wilpers' Morning Routine Kit

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Face the day like Matt does: head on with a freshly cleansed, moisturized, and sun-protected face. And don't sweat it: Matt's favorite scent of our Aluminum-Free Deodorant will help keep you dry and odor-free from work to workout.

This kit includes:

  • Gentle Foaming Face Wash: Hydrating and balancing everyday cleanser for all skin types 
  • Wake Up Face Serum: Anti-aging serum that targets redness, wrinkles, and dark spots
  • Wake Up Eye Stick: De-puff and cool your under-eye bags with this caffeinated eye roller
  • Everyday Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer with SPF 37: Triple threat with SPF, deep hydration, and anti-aging power.
  • Aluminum-Free Deodorant: An aluminum-free deodorant that actually works without leaving yellow pit stains. This formula uses corn starch to absorb odors and aloe to help cool.

Matt Wilpers dispensing Oars + Alps' Wake Up Face Serum into hand in the bathroom

Gentle Foaming Face Wash:

Wet your face.

Pump 2-3 times into your hand and massage onto your face using your fingertips.

Rinse and pat dry.

Wake Up Face Serum:

After washing your face, apply a thin layer of Oars + Alps Wake Up Face Serum to clean, dry skin on the neck and face area.  

Wake Up Eye Stick:

Gently roll across under-eye area twice per use.

Use mornings, nights, or as-needed throughout the day.

Everyday Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer with SPF 37:

Use this moisturizer every morning and especially anytime you plan to be outside. Simply apply to your face and neck as you would a typical face moisturizer. Don't forget your ears and hairline. 

You may see a white cast on your skin immediately after applying. Once the product absorbs fully this will no longer be visible. 

Aluminum-Free Deodorant: 

Apply your aluminum-free deodorant to clean, dry armpits in the morning and again throughout the day as often as desired.