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Face Essentials Kit

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Look well-rested and refreshed with a simple 3-step face routine featuring our Solid Charcoal Face Wash, Wake Up Eye Stick and Face + Eye Cream.

Solid Charcoal Face Wash: Deep clean and unclog your pores to start. Our face cleansing stick taps Activated Charcoal and other plant-based exfoliants to dissolve deep-down dirt and help fight acne. Even better, it's solid so it won't spill when you travel.

Wake Up Eye Stick: On clean skin, roll on this cooling, caffeinated stick under your eyes to help depuff bags and brighten dark circles. You'll see why it's been called "a cold brew for your face."

Face + Eye Cream: Finish up with our anti-aging Face + Eye Cream. It's deeply moisturizing yet doesn't leave skin feeling greasy. Made with Aloe Leaf Juice and Vitamin E to hydrate and fight free radicals, a main culprit of aging, as well as Alpine Caribou Moss to strengthen skin and guard against environmental stressors.


Step 1: Solid Face Wash

Apply stick to face avoiding eyes. With wet fingers, gently massage all around face to activate. Rinse and pat dry. May be used on your beard and before shaving for a closer shave.

Step 2: Wake Up Eye Stick

After washing your face, gently roll across under-eye area twice per use. Do not squeeze container as it can result in product leakage.

Step 3: Face + Eye Cream

After using the Wake Up Eye Stick, apply a thin layer of the Face + Eye Cream under your eyes and a thicker amount on the rest of your face. May be used after shaving.