Moisturizing Alps Bar Soap

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With ingredients from alpine and forest terrains, our Moisturizing Alps Bar Soap provides intense hydration for dry and dehydrated skin.

Shea Butter and Alpine Caribou Moss™ deeply moisturize, while crushed juniper berries sourced from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest mildly buff away dead skin cells. To help remove impurities, we include clay from the Amazon Rainforest. Larch Tree Extract creates a barrier on the skin to lock in moisture.

Light, clean scent. Suitable for every skin type, so lather up and #taketotheoars. 

Size: 6 oz.

  1. Use our Shea Butter bar soap every morning and night.
  2. Wet the moisturizing soap bar.
  3. Massage into wet skin to form a rich lather
  4. Wash off with water.
  5. Avoid face or other sensitive areas. Store in a soap dish or dry surface.
Buy More, Save More: 1 Pack - $11