Soap Duo

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A powerful bar soap duo: the Oars Bar for deep cleaning and exfoliation, the Alps Bar for everyday moisturizing. It'll be tough to choose a favorite. 

Exfoliating Oars Bar: Purge skin of dead skin cells, sweat, bacteria, and excess oil with exfoliating Blue Charcoal, Volcanic Sand and Blue Green Algae. 6 oz.

Moisturizing Alps Bar: Deeply hydrate while you cleanse with organic Shea Butter and Jojoba oil. Crushed Juniper Berries add a little extra scrub. 6 oz. 

  1. Wet soap
  2. Massage into wet skin to form a rich lather
  3. Wash off with water
  4. Store soaps on a soap dish or dry surface

Moisturizing Alps Bar

Use every morning and night. Avoid face.

Exfoliating Oars Bar

Use every other day. Avoid face and open cuts.